From a customer’s perspective a great experience is when they get exactly the same feeling of the brand and culture, across any device. Anywhere. All the time.”

In what seems to be a constant game of catch up, customers are continually adding new devices to their repertoire of digital touch points, and so their expectation is for a positive customer experience is for one that adapts to suit. Your goal as a business should be to create a consistently wonderful experience for your customers – so they keep coming back and continually tell everybody they meet how great you are.

As a business, it is essential that you be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand and continue to evolve quickly to ensure that you create memorable physical and online experiences for your customers. To do this you need to think about the entire customer journey, a holistic experience that will drive customers to say something positive about you, again and again.

Personally Recommended can map your customer journey – from helping you find your customers to creating an impact post-sale, involving all aspects of your business in the process and making sure you measure the right things along the way.

It’s not about mapping the customer touch points or even customer experiences; we are map their sentiment. From being aware of their need, through adopting your product or service to becoming an advocate; as marketers we need to think about how we nudge them along this track.

Talk to Personally Recommended today about creating a step-by-step program to create a customer centric organisation: total integration among your company, your employees, your customers, and the all-important brand.