The Customer Journey

Working with you and your executive team, Personally Recommended helps you understand how your customers interact with your business and the journey they take before purchasing your product or service. At each stage of the buying experience we assess the emotion, state of mind and the sentiments the customer has towards your organisation, brand or product to create a Customer Journey document. This illustrates the customers’ processes, needs and perceptions throughout their relationship with your business and helps map the ideal customer experience across every touchpoint and every channel.

As customers add new devices to their repertoire of digital touch points, their expectations for a great service experience are on the rise.”

With your customers now interacting with businesses through a range of channels including social media and online stores, a cross channel perspective is critical as your customers may start their journey in one channel and move across to different channels throughout their buying experience.  A customer will interact with some or all of the below channels as they move toward making their purchase.

PR Word Cloud

Personally Recommended will follow your customers through each interaction from face-to face through to social media, measuring and providing feedback on what the experience looks like – helping you to ‘dump’ what’s not working and capitalise ‘what delights’.

The challenge and key to success is to replicate positive experiences consistently across every channel and with every customer in a way that is cost effective and relevant for each touchpoint.

It’s about recognising that customer journey never really ends. But if you build great relationships, create loyal connections and develop a fan base of repeat customers your business will be rewarded with a referral network that will only continue to grow.