From the boardroom to the shop floor, we take a holistic approach to business improvement because our goal is to create lasting change in your business.

In achieving this, our expertise and strategies will directly contribute to your top line growth and bottom line improvements.

Personally Recommended focuses on:

  • Customer experience outcomes
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Benchmarking & goals
  • Learning and development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Long term behaviour change

How we do it

  1. We use business metrics.

    Before you invest in solutions, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the layers of your business and find the opportunities. We bring them together to drive sales and profit growth. Our integrated approach enables us to provide information and feedback on not one, but multiple key performance indicators (KPI) in your business. We are keen for you to see a return on your investment (ROI) as quickly as possible and for KPIs to be put in place to measure improvements.
  2. Proven Platform Technology

    Our (SASSIE) platform is supported by an international business partner who is the biggest provider of mystery shopping software in the the world. The platform is used by over 5,000 companies in over 140 countries, and is regarded as the best mystery shopping technology provider globally. Our access to this resource means we are at the forefront of leading edge reporting tools and global best practice.
  3. We are Customer Experience Specialists.

    Personally Recommended is fundamentally a HR, Recruitment and Mystery Shopping company and has been since it was founded in 1997. As a result, we are extremely people focused (staff and customers), both of which are key participants in your customer-focused strategy.
  4. Our shoppers are your customers

    The way we recruit shoppers is unique in the industry.

    A 4-step competency based shopper recruitment process determines that our shoppers are your customers. None of our competitors undertake such a rigorous recruitment process to select the right candidates. As a result we deliver ‘customer experience reviews’ from articulate, career shoppers passionate about your business.
  5. Our reports capture what your customers really think of you

    Our Mystery Shopping reporting process is unique in that it really tells you what your customers see and feel about your business. Our approach is not about ‘what was said’; it is all about ‘how the customer felt’. It measures the emotion of the customer service experience and not just the process.
  6. We measure what is right for your business.

    Our customer experience suite of services include mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys, store audits, mobile polling and mobile exit interviews. Our complete range of customer experience tools provide you with a comprehensive framework from which to build excellence and consistency in service performance. But you don’t need all of these services we recommend only what will deliver results for your business.
  7. Customised Visual Reports

    Our comprehensive reporting platform is available for our clients 24/7 – anywhere, anytime. The system is user friendly and offers security, stability and quality in data collection and analysis. The program can also be exported to Microsoft Excel or emailed in PDF format.
  8. It’s Personal

    We believe people do business with people and for that reason the owner of the business works in the business. Personally Recommended has built a business based on long-term relationships with our clients, word of mouth referrals and delivering result. We take time to understand our clients and build relationships with people, and that’s how we get “Personally Recommended”.