Personally Recommended offers Customer Satisfaction programs that derive feedback around the customer experience from ‘real’ shoppers at the time of purchase. Customer satisfaction can exponentially increases the value of your customer experience program because it captures information from spontaneous shoppers.

The verbal commentary of a customer often paints the whole picture from the time they enter your business to the time they exit with purchase in hand. This is beneficial to staff as it enables them to see where they have excelled and lacked in certain areas of the customer’s experience.

While mystery shoppingprovides you with objective measures around service performance in your business. For example “Please verify that your sandwich contained the following items; lettuce, tomato, cheese, dressing”. Customer satisfaction provides you with real customer opinion around the overall experience. For example “ Please rate the quality of your sandwich on a scale of 1 – 5”. Intelligently combined, these tools offer a more complete view of your overall service performance.

Mobile Polling/Customer Satisfaction – Available Now!

For single or multi-store application, our new mobile polling platform enables instant feedback via online mobile surveys. Your customers can be invited to participate in the survey via a number of avenues – QR codes on in-store displays, web links on store receipts, company website, or a simple email. Following real-time customer completion of the survey, your business has immediate access to the information through the click of a button.