We all use mobile devices, so do our customers. Don’t you want your shoppers to act in the same way as your customers?

For the first time in the online, digital world, mobile search has exceeded desktop search with mobile search set to continue its acceleration.

In 2013 — and beyond — mobile device will become the hub for connecting products and services and will be the remote control through which people manage their everyday lives.

Personally Recommended has responded to the rapid take-up of mobile devices by expanding our customer experience platform to incorporate mobile technology. With an increase in both web and mobile device use, mobile shopping is the logical next step. Personally Recommended is able to gather mobile intelligence and enable you to access mobile reporting via our new platform.

Our new service offering will include mobile polling, mobile exit interviews, and Instashops mobile mystery shopping. This will be in addition to the existing range of in-store, phone, and web-based customer experience measurement programs. Our leading edge mobile platform delivers a range of flexible customer experience measurement options with streamlined costs, improved speed and instant reporting.

Mobile Exit Interviews (Customer & Non Customer)

MEIs (Mobile Exit Interviews) enables your business to poll existing customers as they leave the store or potential customers as they pass by. The immediacy of the exit interview means customers are able to accurately state how they felt about their experience immediately after their interaction with your business. The platform enables immediate access to information and data, facilitating rapid reaction time to service issues and instant value add.


Instashops fill the current gap between Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction, delivering immediate quality feedback with quick turnaround and streamlined costs. Unlike a scheduled Mystery Shop, Instashops are based on shorter, less structured surveys and are conducted by mobile career shoppers who are already shopping in or near your stores. Shoppers simply open our platform App, accept the job and conduct the survey as instructed. Shoppers are then able to collect, download and share critical live data about their customer experience with information available online immediately.