Customer Experience Reviews (formerly Mystery Shopping) delivers hard data from expert shoppers about customer service performance and regulatory compliance. Shoppers perform tasks such as purchasing a product, returning a product, asking questions or registering complaints etc. and are given specific instructions to make the transaction typical for the business they visit. Shoppers then provide detailed feedback about their experience via a shopping survey.

Personally Recommended provides your business with a unique mystery shopping platform that truly measures the customer experience. We are industry leaders in helping retailers bridge the gap between what customers want and what they get. With customer experience reviews from articulate and passionate career shoppers, Personally Recommended provides more than just your average mystery shop.

Our Mystery Shopping reporting process is unique in that it really tells you what your customers see and feel about your business. It measures the emotion of the customer service experience, not just the process.

To provide you with a truly accurate performance measure we can mysteryshop every customer touchpoint in your business from in-store to online, warehouse to delivery, even returns and exchanges. Achieved via traditional off-line mystery shopping reports or via live mobile data, our mobile mystery shopping platform gathers customer experience intelligence in real time and is available to you immediately!

Mystery Shopping delivers the best results when:

  • It is utilised as a key KPI measure within the business.
  • It is performed on a regular basis.
  • There is a solid and ongoing implementation framework.
  • There are actionable outputs from shopped locations.
  • Results are linked to a structured reward and recognition program.
  • Great results are celebrated.
  • There is a rigorous shopper screening process to ensure the right fit for the business.
  • Shoppers are asked in depth questions and encouraged to share as much of the experience as possible – not just multiple choice or compliance.

Our proven results show that mystery shopping delivers even better results when you include your top customers in the program which provides rich insights into how these customers think and act during their customer journey.

We’ll even work with you to develop a tailored questionnaire that captures your brand promise and unique customer experience before putting our shoppers through a rigourous screening process to ensure the right fit for your business. Our questionnaires encourage shoppers to share every detail about their customer service experience to provide you with a detailed and useful data, not just a tick in the box.