Have you undertaken a shopping program in the past and not been total satisfied with the business improvement outcomes?

Do you have a ‘gut feeling’ that your business is not achieving optimum performance?

Is your existing shopping program based around store compliance, rather than the feelings the customer experience when they engage with your brand?

We live in a digital world where consumers vote with their wallets. Where traditional measurement programs focus largely on the in-store customer experience, the entire customer experience landscape is infinitely bigger.

To provide you with a truly accurate performance measure, you must look to every customer touchpoint in your business – in-store, web, live chat, warehouse, deliveries, returns etc. The experience must be consistently good at every touchpoint or the one thing you do poorly will be the one thing your customers remember most.

We provide you with the facts to back up what you intuitively know is missing.

Personally Recommended has the capability to measure, evaluate and provide comprehensive feedback on every customer touchpoint, providing a complete picture of your true service performance. We set baseline measures, help you determine an ongoing measurement cycle, and deliver the date to drive on going service improvement.

The Right Metrics & Lasting Changes

The market place today is awash with data, but Personally Recommended recognises this. We will partner with you to document your customer’s journey and highlight those critical points where customers moving through your journey need an improved experience. Personally Recommended can evaluate where you are in the customer journey and which of our programs can best impact your business. Upon evaluation we put the right metrics into context and work with you to deliver innovative solutions necessary for business success.

Our approach is not short term – it is all about creating lasting change.